Princeton Club of Chicago

Founded in 1876, the Princeton Club of Chicago exists to build and maintain among local alumni a high level of awareness of and involvement in activities related to Princeton University and its alumni, students, faculty and administration (the “Princeton Family”). Ongoing functions include: finding and encouraging qualified applicants to apply to Princeton and to matriculate if accepted; encouraging broad participation in Annual Giving and the Club Scholarship Fund; encouraging interaction, communication, and networking among the “Princeton Family” at the local level via a wide array of educational, cultural, community service, and Princeton-related entertainment programs; and enhancing local community knowledge of Princeton and of the successes of its “Family.” The primary goal of the Princeton Club of Chicago is to create, strengthen, and expand relationships among Chicago-area alumni and the greater Princeton community.

The Windy City has a lot to offer – architecture, festivals, restaurants, museums, theatre, shopping, sports, and more. Whether you're new to the city or returning, staying for a year or staying forever, there's a lot out there to enjoy!  Chicago is close enough to Princeton to maintain a connection but far enough away that we can't always go to New Jersey when we need a dose of Princeton camaraderie; consequently, we have a very active club! With over 2,000 alumni in the Chicago area and a variety of programs, activities and volunteer opportunities, there is a thriving community. We hope you'll join us and participate often! 

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