Princeton Club of Chicago Groups


Princeton Prize in Race Relations Committee
In order to recognize, support, and encourage the young people of our country who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing the cause of relations among the races, Princeton University is sponsoring an awards program for high school students -- the Princeton Prize in Race Relations. Princeton and its alumni recognize that the issue of race relations continues to be one of the most urgent and important challenges facing our country. Princeton has created this program to identify and commend young people who are working to increase understanding and mutual respect among all races. Through the Princeton Prize we hope to encourage others to join in these or similar efforts and to undertake initiatives of their own.
Princeton in Chicago Schools (PICS)
In 1990, members of the Princeton Club of Chicago resolved to make community service a priority for the club. The next year, they formed a partnership with Theodore Roosevelt High School a public high school in the Albany Park neighborhood. Since then, Princeton alumni and their friends have volunteered their time at Roosevelt working with students in a wide variety of capacities. Their involvement has included tutoring students in English-as-a-second language, teaching college preparation classes, serving as one-on-one mentors, judging school history and science fairs, speaking on career days, inviting students to visit their work places, hiring students for summer jobs, organizing college visits and camping trips, and starting the Chicago Public Schools’ first robotics team.
Career Networking
The Princeton Alumni Careers Committee and the Princeton Club of Chicago Careers Committee are planning activities to expand networking opportunities in Chicago.
Sign up for the career-networking and/or princeton-chicago discussion groups via TigerNet to watch for announcements.
Alumni Schools Committee (ASC)
The Alumni Schools Committee of the Princeton Club of Chicago consists of local alumni who interview local high school students who are applying to Princeton. We are constantly looking for alums who are interested in helping out with interviewing. In some areas we have very few alums, so your help is definitely appreciated. Each year, over 800 students from this area apply.  Our goal is to interview ALL of them – and we have succeeded in recent years.  Although some alumni interview as many as half a dozen students per year or more, many others only interview one or two. Whatever help you can give provides a great service to the University.
The interview should take place in a mutually convenient and comfortable location.  Coffee houses are popular meeting places. Most interviews take 45-90 minutes although occasionally they may be shorter or longer than that. The purpose of the interview is to provide a local contact for applicants to whom they can address their questions, as well as for the University to gain additional input about the applicant in an (ideally) face-to-face setting. After the interview, there is a short ASC form which is submitted on-line.  We receive names of applicants from the University from late October through the first week of February.
Interview reports for applicants who apply Single Choice Early Action must be completed by the end of November, and all other interview reports must be completed by the end of February. Given Princeton's popularity and steadily declining rate of acceptance of applicants, we need to emphasize ambassadorship in addition to seeking information about the applicants. Key components include identifying and encouraging application by the best-qualified students in a school, providing current and positive information about Princeton to the candidates, sending our evaluations of the student to the admissions staff, and encouraging those admitted to attend. Because Princeton is in such demand these days, it is all the more important to convey the admissions statistics with a sense of reality while not appearing insensitive, arrogant, or elitist. Thank you very much for considering this opportunity. We appreciate your interest and hope that you will be able to help us on the University's behalf.
For more information or to volunteer, please contact Christine O'Neill '06 (
Women's Network (PWN)
Princeton Club of Chicago provides opportunities for Tiger women to connect and socialize as a means by which we can stay in touch with one another and nurture our affinity for Princeton.
Young Alumni
The planning committee of the Princeton young alumni group presents a line-up of fun and diverse activities, along with the young alumni of other schools. It is a great opportunity to meet people and try new things in Chicago! Any graduates of the last 10 years or so are considered "young alumni," but the young at heart are welcome too.
Scholarship Committee
Founded in 1912, the Princeton Club of Chicago Scholarship Fund was the first Princeton endowment of its kind. It is an important part of Princeton's financial aid effort and continues to set a sterling example in assisting undergraduates with funding the cost of an outstanding education. Scholarships are awarded annually to undergraduates from the Chicagoland area.