Princeton's Got Talent (PGT) - June 14, 2024

Are you regretting that you didn’t get up on stage during Reunions?? 

Or do you just want to do it all over again?

Well, we have your Friday night covered on June 14. 

We have FREE Robert’s Pizza (ranked top 50 in the US, 2021-23).

We have FREE beer and wine.

And – most importantly – we have your talented fellow Princeton alumni.

Come for the pizza, stay awhile for the drinks, and most of all, come support your fellow Tigers, as they perform death-defying acts of bravery, creativity, and maybe even a little magic (or whatever they decide to perform).  No animals, especially Tigers, will be harmed during this fun event!    

Oh, and if you want to perform, it’s your time to shine (and is highly encouraged). All you have to do is email bbornstein@prosperofunds.com and provide a brief description of your talent. And NO, beer chugging is not a talent (well it is, but you don’t need to be on stage to do that).

Here are the details:

June 14, 2024
5:30-6 pm: Arrival and happy-hour mingling
6-7 pm: Exhilarating, death-defying performances (i.e., no one will perish during these acts of bravery)
7-8 pm: Networking and mingling
Yoga Now
742 N LaSalle, Suite 201
Chicago, IL 60654
Click here to RSVP


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Ben Bornstein '92 at bbornstein@prosperofunds.com