princeton-asc-logo-squareASC ROUNDTABLE FOR INTERVIEWERS - October 23, 2018

Current, eligible* Princeton Alumni Schools Committee interviewers are invited to attend a roundtable with Makenna L. May, Princeton Admission Officer.


Come hear and ask all about Princeton admissions and the ASC interviewers' role in that process! 
This roundtable is NOT open to high school students, parents of students applying to Princeton, nor is the roundtable an opportunity to discuss individual applicants. Alumni with close relatives applying to college this year are NOT ELIGIBLE to interview. Alumni who work in the field of test prep or college counseling are also NOT ELIGIBLE to interview. (See complete eligibility guidelines at the bottom of this email.)
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
7 - 8:30 pm
Kirkland & Ellis
300 N LaSalle Street  
Chicago, IL 60654

Many thanks to our generous host, Lisa Esayian '86.


All guests must be registered and on the security list - bring ID.

Click HERE to reserve by Sunday, October 21!


If you have any difficulties registering on-line, please call the Princeton Club at 847-256-5800.


Questions?  Contact ASC Chair Christine O'Neill '06 S05  @


*This roundtable is open ONLY to Chicagoland alumni who are eligible to conduct interviews of Princeton applicants THIS YEAR. The University's rules about eligibility to interview are below. Contact Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) Chair Christine O'Neill '06 S05 at if you have questions about the conflict of interest policy, if you need to recuse yourself this year because of a conflict, or if you need to be reactivated this year because a conflict last year has ended.



Exceptions to these policies will rarely be made and must be cleared with the ASC liaison in the Office of Admission.

  1. All interviews will be assigned by the regional ASC chair.
  2. The Office of Admission reserves the right to deny any individual from serving as an interviewer (and to remove any current interviewer), should the Office deem such action is in the best interests of the University.
  3. Because of the conflict of interest, alumni who are involved in for-profit ventures related to the college admission process may not interview candidates applying to Princeton. This includes, but is not limited to, independent counseling, test prep, and essay advising.
  4. School-based counselors, teachers and administrators may interview, but must not interview students from their own schools.
  5. Individuals who have been convicted of a felony are not eligible to interview (unless the Office of Admission has been informed of the conviction, and provided written approval to the interviewer).
  6. If your son or daughter, sibling, or grandchild will be applying to Princeton this year, we must ask that you take a year off from interviewing. If you have a son or daughter, sibling, or grandchild applying to college this year, but not to Princeton, we strongly recommend that you take this year off from interviewing. This is both because it can be perceived as a conflict of interest and because we have found from experience that it does not work well for anyone involved when an interviewer is on both sides of the college process at the same time. Please contact your ASC chair, who can code you inactive for the year and keep you on the rolls for the following year. You will not have access to the ASC site while you are inactive.  For all other familial relationships, please use your best judgment to avoid any situation that might create the appearance of a conflict of interest. This includes not interviewing in the community in which your relative resides or attends school. Please inform your ASC chair of any limitations.
  7. Please recuse yourself from interviewing sons or daughters of friends, relatives, business associates, and so forth. It is important to avoid even the appearance of a lack of objectivity